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Mona Lisa, The Joconde unveiled

Mona Lisa, The Joconde unveiled

The painting, showing Mona Lisa painted in 1502 by Leonard De Vinci, was acquired by Musée du Louvre 30th years ago and admired by 6 millions visitors every year. The Joconde’s smile dissimulated its mystery for 500 years.
This mystery was partially revealed over the past years by researchers from CNRS, musée de France, Ottawa and Florence. These researchers discovered that Mona Lisa was painted on the frame of poplar (77*53cm), and that the sfumato technical used by the Italian master allowed to blur the outlines in order to integrate some characters in a blurry background moreover the dark veil on Mona Lisa’s head was found to be a Guarnello.
Guarnello was used by pregnant women or young mother. It is fairly safe to say that Mona Lisa was probably pregnant or a young mother.

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