Borgia codex,Yachilan Fresco and Quirigua Stela, decoded


Borgia Codex

From very old time, all the famous civilizations left us symbols or hierogliphics which make us sure that the ancients came from space.

Hieroglyphic of the flying God coming from space.

A watertight spacial capsule

Yachilan Fresco (Yucatan)

(tracing from the original fresco)

YACHILAN : woman’s hair detail

Once coloured, the tracing gives contrast to the details .


Quirigua stela (Guatemala)

Quiriga or the elephant spaceship

The hybrid spaceship

Coming from Elsewhere .

Some golden miniatures kept in Museum of Gold in Bogota, Colombia which represent flying machines (these miniatures were casted several hundred years ago) are comparable to a detail that was revealed on a stone in Quiriga site.

Aero dynamism and jet engines

Here we are on board with the pilot of the giant spaceship.

The equipment of the crew

Inside the cockpit